Gram Nehru Yuva Trust

Providing an NGO Training and Support to Farmers, helping them to Increase their yields and Incomes, as well as Promoting Sustainable Agricultural Practices in Disticts Banka and Deoghar in Jharkahnd and Bihar.

Our Mission

We explore our resources to promote a better quality of life lor communities, notably vulnerable populations and help them empowered by enriching their lives tlrough education, health and sustainable I ivelihood skills and opportunities.

Our Vision

GNYT visualize a progressive and sustainable society. We envision our people to enjoy peace and dignity, social and economic equality and availing of their fundamental rights in all perspectives.


Objective of the Gram Nehru Yuva Trust is to provide financial assistance to rural youth for self-employment and skill development activities, create opportunities, and help them become self-reliant.

OUR Activities

Gram Nehru Yuva Trust: Empowering Rural India through Education, Skill Development and Community Engagement.

Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment Activity to help Women Gain Financial Independence and Build their Confidence.


Providing Sustainable Livelihood Opportunities to Rural Communities in India.

Relief Programes

Relief Programs to help the Underprivileged and Marginalized Sections of Society.

Income Generation

Trust runs Various Income Generation such as Providing Food, Clothing, Medical aid, and Educational Support to those in Need.

Community Development

Process of Improving the Quality of life and well-being of Individuals and Communities by Promoting Collective action and self-help Initiatives

Child welfare & Traffickng

The Trust works to Protect the rights of Children and to Ensure that they are not Exploited or Trafficked for any Purpose.

Human Right

Workshops and Seminars to spread Awareness about the Importance of Human Rights and their Protection.


Gyan Nehru Yuva Trust works on the Climate change and its Effects and also taking to Reduce Carbon Emissions.

Health & Education

Health and Education Activities in rural areas, such as Providing Medical camps, Organizing health Awareness Programs.


The Gram Nehru Yuva Trust (GNYT) in Bihar and Jharkhand State and it's Working PAN INDIA, is a Transformative Organization Dedicated to Uplifting the youth in the region. Committed to the Vision of Nehru Yuva Kender Sangathan(NYKS) Government of India., GNYT focuses on Empowering young individuals through Education, Skill Development, and Social Engagement. With a strong presence in Bihar and Jharkhand, GNYT implements various programs and initiatives tailored to the specific needs of the local Community. From vocational training and career counseling to organizing cultural events and sports activities, GNYT creates a supportive ecosystem that nurtures talent and encourages holistic growth. By collaborating with local authorities, educational institutions, and community leaders, GNYT plays a vital role in bridging the gap between urban and rural areas. Through its impactful interventions, GNYT in Bihar and Jharkhand strives to create a brighter future for the youth, empowering them to become confident, responsible citizens who can contribute to the progress of their community and the nation.


Donor activity includes providing Financial Assistance to Underprivileged children for their Education and Health care needs.

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Fundraising Platform to support Social Causes and Charities and Empowers Young People in their Communities.

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Volunteering is a Great way to give Back to your Community and make a Difference in the Lives of Others. .

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Message From Managing Trustee

Gram Nehru Yuva Trust (GNYT) has successfully accomplished its Organization Profile. Through its various ongoing projects, its has significantly contributed in the District Banka of Bihar & District Deoghar, Dumka, Godda of Jharkhand. Our approach has always been a holistic development of community deprived of their right and basic needs.

While presenting the Organization profile, it is a matter of great satisfaction for the entire team that we achieved what we strived for. This report manifest the actions and results of team GNYT.

I am thankful to the members of management board for their guidance and support. I sincerely extend my whole hearted thanks to the all the funders and partner NGO's of GNYT to make our programmes successful. Last but not the least I welcome feedbacks/suggestions for further improvement in our earnest endeavor to serve and able to serve better.


GNYT is a Trust registered under the Indian Trust Act 1882 having its origin in Katoria village Of Banka district in Bihar State situated in the southern part of eastern Bihar along the boundary line of Bihar-Jharkhand State. The area has domination of tribal population combined with poor scheduled cast Dalits and the most backward classes. The area is full of crises on all scores of life. Hilly-rocky land diminishing forests, huge rain or total drought no storage facility or reservoir of rain-water, lack of irrigational resources, lack of cultivable land, poor & hard living of native villagers, migration of youths to other place, worst socio-economic status of the mass mostly belonging to SC, ST, Backwards etc. All these constitute the considerable panic of the area. It was in the wake of the problems and the needs of the society that this organization emerged in the year 1995 through the creative hands of youths of area.

Moreover, GNYT facilitates access to resources such as improved seeds, fertilizers, and machinery, empowering farmers to enhance productivity and increase their income. The organization also promotes market linkages and entrepreneurship in agriculture, enabling farmers to explore value addition and diversify their income streams.

Latest News

We create events aiming to spear the voice for children and gather for
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Human Rights

Everyone has the right to life, Liberty and Security of person , Cruel, inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.

Welfare Community

Safe and Supportive Environment for all members of our Community through Education, Advocacy, and Service.


Growing crops and raising livestock ,Selling handmade crafts or providing services such as tutoring or childcare.